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Lesotho Politics

An understanding of the political landscape in Lesotho is helpful to better contextualise the dispute between FSG and GOL.

Lesotho politics is highly factionalised with a succession of unstable coalition governments over the past few decades.  Political violence including assassinations have occurred on multiple occasions.  It is FSG's belief that the well known rivalry between Dr Moeketsi Majoro and former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane was an additional key factor in why Dr Majoro obstructed the FSG project.  In simple terms, FSG believes that Dr Majoro did not want the positive attributes of the FSG project to accrue to his political rival Mr Thabane.

Although Dr Majoro and Mr Thabane are in the same political party they are fierce rivals.  Throughout the period relevant to the FSG project there was tension between Majoro and Thabane.  The two screenshots below bear witness to the ongoing tension.  The first image is from June 2018 and the second in October 2021.  It appears nothing has changed between these rivals over the past three years.

Public Eye 1-7 June 2018_edited.jpg
Lesotho Times 14 Oct 2021_edited.jpg

Dr Majoro also seems to have problems with other members of his own political party including Professor Mahao.

Sunday Express 25-Apr-2021_edited.jpg

Latest Media Reports:

Thabane, Majoro Fight Escalates
Lesotho Times, 21 October 2021

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